Consultation Fees

There is no fee charged for pre-consultations.

Custom Ceremony Fees

Call Kimberly to discuss personalized ceremony fees at (707) 253-1492

If you choose to have a custom ceremony created by Kimberly specifically for your ceremony or have one of your own creations delivered by Kimberly at the ceremony, additional fees MAY be charged. Please inquire as to what the fees would be.

Wedding Ceremony Fees

Fees for delivering your ceremony vary with each couple, depending on your particular needs and other factors that we will discuss at your consultation.
Please contact us and schedule a time when we can discuss your unique ceremony needs.

Deadlines and Requirements

I will discuss in detail, and in a welcome letter, all deadlines and requirements on due dates and outlines as well as how to get started with your ceremony. This is helpful to me as well as to my couples in order to keep your ceremony needs organized and stress free.

Please also review your retainer agreement and make note that all FINAL BALANCES are due no later than 30 days prior to your event to avoid late fees.


In the past, my couples have chosen some wonderful ways to express their gratitude for my ceremony services.
These gratuities are not expected, but always greatly appreciated.