Planning your wedding is an emotional, stressful time for you both. The long-awaited wedding day is preceded by months of planning and organization where you encounter and must deal with problems, compromises, families and budgets.
Kimberly Thompson designs the wedding workshops and seminars to help each couple deal with the emotional and mental side of planning a wedding. The wedding seminars and workshops provide guidance in dealing with a range of issues and emotions that come up while you are planning your wedding.
The wedding workshops and seminars are offered to couples or to groups of 20 or more. Each wedding seminar and workshop is designed to address the unique issues facing each unique couple or group, including:

  • Dealing with the stresses of planning a wedding
  • Coping with family members
  • What to do if something goes wrong
  • How to address your personal issues
  • Planning a wedding for blended families, such as second marriages, dealing with ex-spouses and bringing children together in a new family.

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Public Speaking Seminar
If you have a fear of public speaking or being in front of crowds, this seminar will help you to learn how to create an environment where you are comfortable.
Kimberly Thompson can host these seminars in your private home or can address groups of 20 or more here in Napa Valley California.
This seminar is perfect for high schools or colleges who want to help their students address their fears of being in and speaking in public so they can excel in public speaking, job interviews, college interviews and many other forums.
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